4 Prospective Sectors for Investment in Indonesia

Earlier this year the government of Indonesia has expressed its commitment to bring the nation’s investment trend to the next level. In Indonesia Infrastructure Investment Forum 2019, the Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) emphasized that the Indonesian economy will continue to prosper. The ability to maintain macroeconomic stability will be advantageous for the investment climate in this country.

For those who want to be part of this promising future, there are four prospective sectors for investment in Indonesia. These sectors have a rapid and consistent growth pattern during the past few years. Improvements on regulations and bureaucracy which are reflected on a simpler and shorter policy implementation have created a more favorable business environment for investors to dig in more potential growth in the future, especially for the four prospective sectors as listed below.


Indonesia’s government has realized that developing the manufacturing industry in this country will bring huge opportunities for many sectors. Manufacture industry will surely be a huge investment for improving facilities needed by the people of Indonesia. More facilities can lead to more opportunities, such as job vacancies, economic growth, major distribution improvement, and at the same time will prove how good the investment work so far.

As we are now living in the era of digital technology, the chance to improve manufacturing here in Indonesia also getting bigger. Especially the chance to track the most products in demand and creating a system that can ensure the manufacturing industry is growing to provide goods that are high in quality and trust from its market. The government’s concern in this industry will soon enough take Indonesia to a better level, especially it’s the economic ecosystem.


Tourism has become Indonesia’s big asset, which is why this sector has a higher return for investment. The country’s culture, scenery, unique traditional customs, and over a thousand different local languages have been attracting the world to know more about wonderful Indonesia. The exotic sides of Indonesia is an enticing aspect to bring profitable advantage, helping the economy to grow rapidly in a short amount of time.

The tourism will grow simultaneously with many other industries; retail products for hoteliers, local fashion trends as the local culture begins to be introduced worldwide, also the arts and crafts for the visitors. The investment growth from this sector definitely will bring-up other sub-sectors that fall in the same business line. Now, it is clear that tourism can create a new scope of the economy by nurturing the business ecosystem.


The next prospective investment sector is the e-commerce business, which has been playing an important role on how the market and customer behavior has changed lately in Indonesia. E-commerce and people’s day to day needs is inseparable. Customer relationship is crucial for understanding people’s needs, even before people know what they need. This is the basic requirement for a company engaged in this sector to thrive in the market.

Another good reason to consider joining this sector is about the social habits of many Indonesians who cherish the use of technology in their daily activities. Indonesia has become one of the highest social media users in the world, meaning that access to the online market has widely opened. The same reason why e-commerce startups in Indonesia keep growing rapidly.


The manufacturing industry, tourism, and e-commerce, all of these three prospective sectors are bringing major impacts on how the infrastructure in this country will evolve. Surprisingly, it is already visible, as seen from the massive efforts of the Indonesian government to build new transportation routes on the underdeveloped regions throughout Indonesia in recent years. An answer that helps more economic sectors to flourish.

More routes and public transportation have been opened, resulting in better access to a lot more area across Indonesia. A better infrastructure will create an opportunity for the eastern regions to improve their living, which naturally will drive the economy to go up. Properties, tourist attractions, and various job opportunities for the locals are the source of income to improve the economy and catch up with the regions near the nations’ capital on Java island.

These investment sectors surely bring a great opportunity for those who plan to start a business in Indonesia. Good news for investors to bring in their innovations, technologies and improvements and turn it into a profitable business.